White Fillings

Reshape and Brighten Your Teeth with White Fillings!

The days are over when a filling meant a disfiguring silver blob showing against the surface of your tooth. White fillings (also known as “composite resin fillings) can be placed on both front and back teeth.

What Can White Fillings Do?

  • Support the existing tooth structure
  • Prevent breakage
  • Insulate the tooth from excessive temperature changes
  • Be sculpted to reshape a disfigured tooth
  • Lengthen short teeth or to fill gaps between teeth
  • Fill in chips or conceal cracks in teeth

Improved Technology Enhances Your Smile

In most cases, the color of white fillings can be blended to match your existing teeth and sealed to reduce staining by food, coffee, or tea. On average, white fillings last the same amount of time as silver fillings.

White fillings also don’t expand the way silver fillings can. This reduces the chance of cracking your original tooth.

Application takes a little longer than with silver fillings, since the dentist uses a special ultraviolet light to harden each layer, then shapes and polishes the composite to help prevent staining and wear.

Like the Idea of White Fillings?

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