Preventative Dental Care

Protecting the Periodontal Health of Your Whole Family

Would you put dirty dishes in your cabinet? No!

Just as dirty dishes are unpleasant and can spread sickness, improperly cleaned teeth encourage disease, bad breath, and infection.

Proper care of your teeth can prevent dental problems from happening or detect them before they endanger your health.

At Dr. David Mondock, DMD, Family Dentistry, we believe that encouraging preventative care is an important part of what we do for your family.

When you visit us, we will:

  • Tell you the best way to keep your teeth clean and bright
  • Discuss elements of general oral hygiene
  • Present special information for children, seniors, and patients with special needs
  • Provide regularly scheduled cleanings
  • Perform non-invasive oral cancer screenings

Treating Dental Problems Before They Become Serious

When most people think about dentists, they think about tooth care, but healthy gums are an important element of your overall oral health.

Don’t believe the advertisements! Gum disease and gingivitis can’t be cured with over-the-counter products. Once periodontal disease begins to cause your gums to recede, they can’t be made to grow back. Receding gums can contribute to tooth loss.

Yes. Treatment options such as partial denturesbridges, and implants can help deal with gaps in your smile. However, why not let Dr. Mondock help you prevent tooth loss instead?

Call 724-925-6816 and set up yourself up for regularly scheduled cleanings for the whole family. You can also use our easy Contact Form.

Your whiter, brighter, healthier smile will thank you!