Pediatric Dentistry/ Kids Dentistry

Expert Dental Care for the Kids and Teens in Your Family

Kids aren’t just little adults with miniature teeth. At Dr. David Mondock, DMD, Family Dentistry, we understand this.

We’re committed both to taking care of your kids’ teeth and to setting them up for a lifetime of scare-free dentist visits and good oral hygiene habits.

You can prepare your kids for a visit by downloading our fun and informative coloring book. Parents are welcome in the treatment room, so kids feel safe and parents know exactly what’s going on.

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Regular Dental Visits Mean Fewer Problems Later On

Dr. David Mondock’s philosophy is that dental care for kids doesn’t need to be either expensive or complicated. Preventing dental problems before they happen is at the heart of everything we do.

Regularly scheduled visits include:

  • Tooth cleaning and polishing
  • Sealing
  • Fluoride treatments (when needed)
  • Personalized analysis of each child’s unique needs

Did you know that even an infant’s “baby teeth” need to be brushed? Did you know that sippy cups can lead to dental problems later on?

Our “Care through the Ages” program includes:

  • Advice on how sucking fingers, thumbs, or using pacifiers may affect your baby’s teeth
  • How both sippy cups and nursing habits can create dental risk
  • How to brush an infant’s teeth
  • Teaching a growing child that brushing is fun. (Hum while you brush! Then you don’t rush!)
  • Flossing techniques
  • How dental care needs change as a child grows, including advice on flourides
  • What your child’s risk is for cavities, based on current dietary and oral hygiene habits
  • Preventing injuries – including sports safety
  • Advice on when and if special orthodontic care is necessary

Don’t put off dental care for your kids until a serious problem creates pain and expense, or until an emergency visit creates fear of the dentist and a tendency to avoid dental care – with all the larger health risks this can entail.

Call Dr. David Mondock, DMD, Family Dentistry, at 724-925-6816 and start your kids on a lifetime of bright smiles and healthy teeth.

Give them a calm, confident attitude regarding visits to the dentist. Don’t delay; fill out our easy-to-use Contact Form today! Assuring your kids’ dental health should begin today!

Download Dr. Dave's Coloring Book