Root Canals

Removing the Pain, Saving the Tooth

Do you feel pain or throbbing when biting? Does a section of your mouth feel particularly sensitive to hot or cold foods? These may indicate that your tooth’s nerve chamber has become damaged, either by trauma or decay.

A Simple Solution

The good news is that a root canal provides a simple solution to your problem, one that can save your tooth and preserve your natural smile.

Dr. David Mondock, DMD, Family Dentistry uses a five step process for root canals:

  • The tooth is anesthetized, eliminating pain during the procedure.
  • After an opening is made through the crown of the tooth, the length of the root canals is determined.
  • Unhealthy pulp is removed. Canals are cleaned, enlarged, and shaped.
  • Your tooth’s canals are filled with a special material to maintain the tooth structure.
  • The tooth is sealed with a filling. A crown is usually added for further protection.

A Reason to Smile

Although many people dread root canals, they’re really a reason to smile. An unhealthy tooth gives you daily pain and may lead to illness due to infection.

After a root canal, the pain will be gone. Without the daily stress and pain a damaged tooth can cause, you’ll rapidly feel better and have much more energy.

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